Ann Crittenden's latest book: "If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything"
• Set Priorities. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

• Remember the Four D’s: Don’t Do It (unless it’s absolutely necessary); Dovetail It (do it at the same time as something else); Delegate It (ie: to the kids); Delay It (until you don’t have to do it.

• Let Them Think It Was Their Idea.

• Never Bring Up a Problem Without Offering a Solution.

• Pick Your Fights. Remember, calm is always the high ground.

• Give Out Gold Stars. No one is ever too old or too accomplished to appreciate a little praise.

• In Negotiating, Always Seek a Win-Win Solution. But remember the bargaining power of the Irrational NO!

• Listen Carefully and Respectful ly to others. No one should leave the table without feeling they’ve been heard.

• Don’t Rush to "Fix" Everything. Sit With a problem until the right solution emerges.

• Encourage the Talents that Are There, rather than try to make people someone they’re not. Remember, Everyone Is Good at Something.

• Use Positive Reinforcement, a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember The Little Engine That Could: "I think I can, I think I can..."

• Let People Go. Let them make their own mistakes, within reasonable boundaries - it’s the only way they grow and learn.

• Loosen Up and Lighten Up. Remember, creativity and playfulness go hand in hand.
• "Being There" for your people is as important as being there for your kids. Unconditional love is a wonderful management tool.

• Never Play Favorites. Children, employees, and constituents are all hard-wired to want fairness. (The fairness rule: if there’s only one cookie, have one child divide it and the other pick the first piece).

• No Whining; No Excuses; Always Do Your Homework.

• Always Say Please and Thank You.

• Take the Long View. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and children don’t grow up overnight. Everything important takes time.

More about the book:

About the Book
Did You Know?
Management Tips From Mothers


More about the book:

About the Book
Did You Know?
Management Tips From Mothers

On Sale August 23rd, 2004
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