Ann Crittenden's latest book: "If You've Raised Kids, You Can Manage Anything"

early acclaim for If You've Raised Kids, You can Manage Anything

"Ann Crittenden’s persuasive book...should quell the idea that parenting is a drawback for work success."
The Boston Sunday Globe

"In her winning follow-up to The Price of Motherhood, Crittenden explores a simple, powerful idea: Being a mommy is great training for being a manager....Most welcome among Crittenden’s arguments, perhaps, is the idea that being a mother makes us more open to creative thinking at work."

"[Crittenden] is promoting a new kind of diversity, and the creative jump-start diversity brings to any company."
The Baltimore Sun

"[Crittenden] adeptly supports the argument that what it takes to manage people successfully boils down to the same set of skills whether the person you’re supervising is age forty-two or two."
USA Today

"Crittenden offers an engaging look at working mothers and how their parenting skills make them more adept managers. Based on interviews with 100 parents (mostly women) who were the primary caregivers in their family, the book offers an intriguing look at the changing face of American executives.....The book's theme is positive and its message inspiring. No doubt, the book will generate buzz...."
Publisher's Weekly

"I love this book. On every page there are words of true wisdom from Ann Crittenden and from other well-known figures that are worthy of being displayed on posters, refrigerators, office walls—everywhere. In this book, Ann Crittenden amplifies her message in The Price of Motherhood —that parenting and that caring for others are pursuits worthy of the highest societal value. Here she goes further to point out the essential skills gained in these roles and in doing so, she bypasses the “divide” between work and family, revealing how these roles can and do complement and enhance each other."
Ellen Galinsky, President, Families and Work Institute
and author of Ask the Children

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On Sale August 23rd, 2004
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